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Pril Original Handspülmittel


The classic among hand dishwashing detergents




Pril Original hand washing-up liquid – original – 675 ml – bottle
Details at a glance
  • very productive
  • against bad smells
  • self-active fat dissolving power
  • removes starch residues
  • removes burn-in

Thanks to the double decrusting formula, Pril
now effortlessly removes not only the most stubborn grease stains and starch residues from pasta, rice and potatoes, but also burnt-in food residues such as eggs, cheese, milk or meat.

The newly developed, high-performance formula offers the unique combination of the highest fat-dissolving power and innovative
double-enzyme technology, which has a strong effect on starch soiling and burnt-in.
The result is sparkling clean dishes – without the hassle of scrubbing.

For a clean result that is impressive.

The new flip-top cap facilitates handling through easier opening and closing.
It also enables more accurate and efficient dosing.

Please refer to the data sheets for further information.


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